Mac OS X und klassische Videokonferenzen verbinden

xMeeting ermöglicht via H.323 und SIP die Verbindung mit einem Apple OS X und klassischen Videokonferenzen. xMeeting erstetzt OhPhone X V. 0.4, die recht instabil war … Nach meinem Wissen ist dies aktuell die einzige Lösung.

Es folgen Originaltexte der xMeeting Website:

Welcome to the website of the XMeeting project, the developers of XMeeting and ohphoneX! XMeeting is a Powerful Mac OS X video conferencing solutions

XMeeting is the first H.323 compatible video conferencing client for Mac OS X. In addition, XMeeting also supports the popular SIP protocol used by many VoIP applications.

The client is highly compatible and has many additional features, so that it can be used for most private and business video conferencing tasks.

XMeeting is a SIP and H.323 compliant and Open Source videoconferencing client for Mac OS X (10.4 and later). The current version of XMeeting is 0.3.1. Historically, XMeeting has evolved from ohphoneX. However, XMeeting has been rewritten from scratch and uses a totally different software architecture than ohphoneX.
Although not yet being a 1.xx release, XMeeting is quite stable, has good interoperability with other clients and provides many unique features such as the sophisticated Address Book integration. Much effort has been put into the Mac OS X native GUI. We think the result is worth it!

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